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Start Your Construction Career with HITT

The HITT Futures program was developed to help ambitious builders and recent grads gain the experience necessary to advance their careers. By providing field experience, education, and hands-on training, the HITT Futures program can take you to the next level in your career.

What is the HITT Futures Program?

Beginning as a management training program in 2005, the HITT Futures program has evolved over nearly 20 years to be an immersive educational experience that has helped hundreds of recent college graduates gain the field experience they need to develop and support their future careers in construction. By focusing on mentorship, hands on learning, professional development, and personal growth, the structured program provides a fast track to promotion and success.


This paid program is broken up into four phases that focus on further developing and training the individual, allowing them to move forward in their career.

HITT Futures Program Phases

Integration Phase: Construction Intern – Seasonal
  • Introduction to Construction Operations
  • Introductory Classroom Training
  • Mentoring
  • Introduction to HITT Corporate Culture
  • Explore Different Career Opportunities
  • Management Interfacing
  • Office & Field Experience
  • Career Advice
  • One-On-One Teaching
  • Hands-On Work
  • Social & Peer Events
Foundation Phase: Project Engineer – Year 1, Start of 5 Year Program
  • Project Specific Assignments
  • Hands-On Field Experience
  • Project Related Training
  • Core Curriculum with HITT Institute
  • Career Choice Opportunities
  • Full-Time on Project Site
  • Project Specific Responsibilities
  • Mentoring
  • Executive Interfacing
  • Peer Events
Integration Phase: Assistant Project Manager/Assistant Superintendent – Years 2 & 3
  • Integration Into Corporate Life
  • Mentoring Continuation
  • Mentoring Opportunities
  • Continuing In-House Education
  • Internal & External Relationship Building
  • Opportunities Through Project Rotations for Cross-Training
  • Project Specific Responsibilities
  • Leadership Opportunities
  • Autonomy
Acceleration Phase: Project Manager/ Superintendent – Years 4 & 5
  • Project Independence
  • Autonomy
  • Mobility
  • Management & Leadership Opportunities
  • Performance-Based Evaluation & Compensation
  • Continuing In-House Education
  • Business Practice Training
  • Mentoring Opportunities

Ready to get your bright future in construction started?

The HITT Futures program was made for you.

Continuing Education with HITT University

At HITT, we prioritize professional advancement and industry education. Our in-house training program, HITT University, is available to all team members – not just new graduates. We have developed a list of core courses that will help you to refamiliarize yourself with the basics as well as get up to speed on emerging industry knowledge, capabilities, and best practices.


At HITT, we’ve earned a reputation for leading the construction and general contracting industry in education and career development. We understand that our team members are our greatest asset and investing in their future career path is crucial to the success of our company.

Upcoming Recruitment Activities

The HITT Futures recruitment team may be coming to a campus career fair near you! We are always looking for ambitious and talented college students and recent graduates to be a part of our team at HITT Contracting.

September 17 California State University, Chico Technical Fair
September 18 Auburn University Building Science Career Fair
September 19 Texas A&M University CIAC Career Fair
October 15 Virginia Tech MLSoC Construction Industry Career Fair
October 17 Slippery Rock University Safety Management Career & Internship Expo

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