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HITT Celebrates 137 Promotions Nationwide

We’re pleased to announce the promotion of 137 HITT team members across the country. Please join us in congratulating them on their well-deserved recognition.

Senior LeadershipVice Presidents & Business Unit Leaders

Vice Presidents

Project Executives

Senior Project Managers

From L to R: Garrett Anderson, Atlanta—Interiors; Dan Blum, Government; Chris Darling, Charleston; Nathan Detore, Atlanta—Interiors; Billy Eckhardt, Corporate Office—Base Building & Multifamily; Matt Filimonchuk, Law Firms; Jimmy Keesling, Austin; Thomas Laugeni, Los Angeles; Austin Lintault, Atlanta—Interiors; Ray Matula, Corporate Office— Base Building & Multifamily; Gregory Medlin, Technology, Wes Millar, Corporate Office—Interiors, Camden Seiler, Government; Stefan Wolff, Fort Lauderdale.

Project Managers

From L to R: Philip Antypas, Healthcare & Life Sciences; Austin Berger, Charleston; Michael Demarino, Raleigh; Savannah Foster, Atlanta—Technology; Ellie Glynn, Government; Katherine Greene, Technology; Hayden Hall, Government; Ren Hutt, Technology; Brendan Hynes, Santa Clara; Jessica Kirschner, Technology; Holly Malin, Los Angeles; Andy Martinez, New York; Sarah Michaels, Corporate Office—Base Building & Multifamily; Alexander Nesterczuk, Charleston; Davis Nims, Atlanta—Interiors, Jon Ohanian, Technology; Benjamin Patterson, Atlanta—Technology; Dana Potter, Corporate Office—Interiors; Drew Rice, Austin; Alex Rickman, Atlanta—Interiors; Korey Robinson, Houston; Sam Roit, Seattle; Fernanda Rosales, Fort Lauderdale; Charlie Salguero, Corporate Office—Base Building & Multifamily; Summer Schmidt, Charleston; Zach Serhan, New York; Greg Strachan, Dallas; Riley Tyeryar, Healthcare & Life Sciences; Cameron Victor, Atlanta—Interiors.

Assistant Project ManagersFrom L to R: Jonathan McCoy, Corporate Office—Interiors, Ryan Morrissey, Corporate Office—Interiors.

Corporate ResourcesFrom L to R: Steve Furness, Director, Information Technology; Julieanne Mason, Director, Safety; Hari Vadlamudi, Director, Enterprise Business Solutions; Kalyn Blosel, Manager, Project Accounting; Kegan Bourque, Senior Associate, Legal & Risk Management; Josh Collins, Superintendent, Safety; Leo Dunn, Senior Manager, Preconstruction; Katlyn Egan, Manager, Human Resources; Erika Goss, Senior Associate, Project Accounting; Taylor Hood, Superintendent, Safety; Tricia Horn, Senior Associate, Sustainability; Angela Huang, Office Manager, New York; Daniel Kang, Manager, Preconstruction; Madison Lewis, Senior Associate, Marketing; Sophie Lex, Senior Associate, Marketing; Marisa Martinelli, Senior Associate, Marketing; Jeremie McCall, Senior Associate, Project Accounting; Henry Nguyen, Senior Associate, Project Accounting; William Reynolds, Senior Manager, Preconstruction; Shah Sargand, QC Manager, Technology; Judy Sholes, Senior Associate, Project Accounting; Joshua Smith, Manager, Project Accounting; Anabel Villarroel, Senior Associate, Project Accounting; Sunshine Ward-Stewart, Associate, Charleston; Sameer Wasim, Senior Associate, Information Technology.

Site OperationsFrom L to R: Dan Abolafia, Senior Superintendent; Peter Adediran, Superintendent; Thomas Bardin, Senior Superintendent; Justin Conner, Senior Superintendent; Terence Corridon, Senior Superintendent; Joe Daniel, Senior Superintendent; Chris Domurat, MEP Manager; Ovidijus Dziaugys, MEP Senior Superintendent; Joel Flores, Superintendent; Albert Garcia, Superintendent; Matt Griggs, Senior Superintendent; Jonathan Hernandez, MEP Superintendent; Jared Iscrupe, Superintendent; Mike Killmon, Senior Superintendent; Cristofer Landefeld, MEP Manager; Karlee Loftus, Senior Superintendent; Thornton Mitchell, Superintendent; Devin Moss, Senior Superintendent; Jason Nalley, Superintendent; Nina Nazem, MEP Superintendent; Tim Parrott, Senior Superintendent; Ron Platt, MEP Senior Superintendent; Alexis Reyes, Assistant Superintendent; Amber Riddle, Superintendent; Fredi Rivera, Superintendent; Brian Rotondo, Senior Superintendent; Marco Ruiz, Superintendent; Dillon Smith, Superintendent; Corey Stika, Superintendent; Michael Stitely, Senior Superintendent; Cortland Townes, Assistant Superintendent; Luis Urrutia, Superintendent; Jorge Villalobos, Assistant Superintendent; Christopher Villar, Superintendent; Luke Walsh, Superintendent; Bobby West, Senior Superintendent; Steve Wilson, Superintendent.

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