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News | Feb 8, 2017

Americon HITT: Built on Integrity

With growth comes change. That’s something Eugene Cannata, Richard Cucci, and Tom Prince found out twenty-seven years ago when they founded Americon Construction Inc.

Leaving behind senior executive roles at an international interiors firm, the trio created an organization founded on shared values and vision. Under their leadership, the company grew year-over-year, in both revenue and respect. In 2015, the company’s revenues exceeded $170M.

Prince, Cannata, and Cucci didn’t set out with the intention of being everything to everyone, but rather to exceed expectations in their areas of expertise. What they created is a boutique contractor, one whose expertise is tailored for detailed, and often difficult, high-end interior jobs. They approach their work with respect—for their teammates, Clients, subcontractors, and competitors.

As they grew the company, the founders had the foresight to install a core set of principals under them, a team to grow Americon in the same vein in which it was founded. They’ve always been thoughtful in their management of the company, striving for longevity for both Americon and their Client relationships.

The opportunity for growth through change presented itself again in 2016, when Cannata, Cucci, and Prince were approached by HITT Contracting Inc. owners Brett Hitt and Jim Millar about potentially purchasing the company.

 “Our vision for Americon was that it would continue to evolve,” said Prince. “After meeting with HITT, we realized this prospect would ensure strong future success for the company. It felt like a natural next step for our growth and evolution.”

HITT shares the same results-driven, future-minded approach as Americon , which made this summer’s acquisition a solid choice for both organizations.

“The leadership of Americon’s three principals is a big reason we pursued the acquisition,” said Steve Richbourg, executive vice president at HITT. “They’ve built a network of strong relationships in this market, and done so with both integrity and pride in their work.”

The team is now almost six months into operations as Americon HITT, with Vice President Cliff Chow heading operations for the office. Cannata, Cucci, and Prince remain an active part of the organization, molding the future of management and continuing to build Client relationships.

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