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Anniversary Story | Oct 2, 2017

Friends First

“We’re friends first, coworkers second,” explained Vice President Steve Ferrari of his team members in our Government sector. This group is tight-knit and steadfast, working like a well-oiled machine to successfully complete hundreds of projects for clients in the public sector.

In 2001, Executive Vice President John Britt revamped the sector and laid the foundation for their success when he appointed leaders Mitch Filipowicz, Ron Womach, and Steve Ferrari. “The leadership of the Government sector is built on respect and trust,” shared John. “I’m their advocate and see them lead by example every day.”

Although there is plenty of stress that comes with tackling the requirements and restrictions of building for the government, the team fully embraces the work hard, play harder spirit. Whether it’s informal lunch outings, evenings at the ballpark, or head-to-head go-kart races, they genuinely enjoy their time spent together.

These friendships outside the office have strengthened their cohesive team skills on the job, while helping them to realize the diversity of talent in their team members.

“What makes us strong is that we communicate openly with each other,” said Senior Project Manager Chris Hogeboom.  “Most importantly, we know we can always rely on one another.”

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