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News | Mar 18, 2022

HITT Celebrates 137 Promotions Nationwide

We’re pleased to announce the promotion of 137 HITT team members across the country. Please join us in congratulating them on their well-deserved recognition.

From L to R: Garrett Anderson, Atlanta—Interiors; Dan Blum, Government; Chris Darling, Charleston; Nathan Detore, Atlanta—Interiors; Billy Eckhardt, Corporate Office—Base Building & Multifamily; Matt Filimonchuk, Law Firms; Jimmy Keesling, Austin; Thomas Laugeni, Los Angeles; Austin Lintault, Atlanta—Interiors; Ray Matula, Corporate Office— Base Building & Multifamily; Gregory Medlin, Technology, Wes Millar, Corporate Office—Interiors, Camden Seiler, Government; Stefan Wolff, Fort Lauderdale.

From L to R: Philip Antypas, Healthcare & Life Sciences; Austin Berger, Charleston; Michael Demarino, Raleigh; Savannah Foster, Atlanta—Technology; Ellie Glynn, Government; Katherine Greene, Technology; Hayden Hall, Government; Ren Hutt, Technology; Brendan Hynes, Santa Clara; Jessica Kirschner, Technology; Holly Malin, Los Angeles; Andy Martinez, New York; Sarah Michaels, Corporate Office—Base Building & Multifamily; Alexander Nesterczuk, Charleston; Davis Nims, Atlanta—Interiors, Jon Ohanian, Technology; Benjamin Patterson, Atlanta—Technology; Dana Potter, Corporate Office—Interiors; Drew Rice, Austin; Alex Rickman, Atlanta—Interiors; Korey Robinson, Houston; Sam Roit, Seattle; Fernanda Rosales, Fort Lauderdale; Charlie Salguero, Corporate Office—Base Building & Multifamily; Summer Schmidt, Charleston; Zach Serhan, New York; Greg Strachan, Dallas; Riley Tyeryar, Healthcare & Life Sciences; Cameron Victor, Atlanta—Interiors.

From L to R: Jonathan McCoy, Corporate Office—Interiors, Ryan Morrissey, Corporate Office—Interiors.

From L to R: Steve Furness, Director, Information Technology; Julieanne Mason, Director, Safety; Hari Vadlamudi, Director, Enterprise Business Solutions; Kalyn Blosel, Manager, Project Accounting; Kegan Bourque, Senior Associate, Legal & Risk Management; Josh Collins, Superintendent, Safety; Leo Dunn, Senior Manager, Preconstruction; Katlyn Egan, Manager, Human Resources; Erika Goss, Senior Associate, Project Accounting; Taylor Hood, Superintendent, Safety; Tricia Horn, Senior Associate, Sustainability; Angela Huang, Office Manager, New York; Daniel Kang, Manager, Preconstruction; Madison Lewis, Senior Associate, Marketing; Sophie Lex, Senior Associate, Marketing; Marisa Martinelli, Senior Associate, Marketing; Jeremie McCall, Senior Associate, Project Accounting; Henry Nguyen, Senior Associate, Project Accounting; William Reynolds, Senior Manager, Preconstruction; Shah Sargand, QC Manager, Technology; Judy Sholes, Senior Associate, Project Accounting; Joshua Smith, Manager, Project Accounting; Anabel Villarroel, Senior Associate, Project Accounting; Sunshine Ward-Stewart, Associate, Charleston; Sameer Wasim, Senior Associate, Information Technology.

From L to R: Dan Abolafia, Senior Superintendent; Peter Adediran, Superintendent; Thomas Bardin, Senior Superintendent; Justin Conner, Senior Superintendent; Terence Corridon, Senior Superintendent; Joe Daniel, Senior Superintendent; Chris Domurat, MEP Manager; Ovidijus Dziaugys, MEP Senior Superintendent; Joel Flores, Superintendent; Albert Garcia, Superintendent; Matt Griggs, Senior Superintendent; Jonathan Hernandez, MEP Superintendent; Jared Iscrupe, Superintendent; Mike Killmon, Senior Superintendent; Cristofer Landefeld, MEP Manager; Karlee Loftus, Senior Superintendent; Thornton Mitchell, Superintendent; Devin Moss, Senior Superintendent; Jason Nalley, Superintendent; Nina Nazem, MEP Superintendent; Tim Parrott, Senior Superintendent; Ron Platt, MEP Senior Superintendent; Alexis Reyes, Assistant Superintendent; Amber Riddle, Superintendent; Fredi Rivera, Superintendent; Brian Rotondo, Senior Superintendent; Marco Ruiz, Superintendent; Dillon Smith, Superintendent; Corey Stika, Superintendent; Michael Stitely, Senior Superintendent; Cortland Townes, Assistant Superintendent; Luis Urrutia, Superintendent; Jorge Villalobos, Assistant Superintendent; Christopher Villar, Superintendent; Luke Walsh, Superintendent; Bobby West, Senior Superintendent; Steve Wilson, Superintendent.

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