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Our dedicated preconstruction team makes sure every HITT project starts (and stays) on the right foot. They spend their days obsessing over project details to ensure we provide the most accurate intel in the business, setting you and your project up for success.

HITT’s preconstruction team provides expert pricing, customized subcontractor selection, and accurate scoping. We provide risks and exposure analysis, briefings on construction input pricing and supply challenges, market reporting...and more.


We believe project success is defined by more than just accurate budgets – the team must establish shared communication standards and collective goals. During preconstruction, HITT strives to align our vision, implement standard procedures, and set expectations for the construction experience ahead.


HITT’s decades of robust pricing data comes from thousands of projects across the country. Coupled with insights from our trusted trade partners and market analysis from our dedicated research department, you receive industry-leading accuracy and clarity in our pricing.


In your business and ours, speed to market is critical. HITT’s preconstruction team collaborates with our builders to analyze project schedules, identifying potential pain points and time-saving opportunities others might miss. They stay engaged as partners through project completion.

Trade Experts

The field is the heartbeat of our business, and the skilled trades are the backbone of our industry. We leverage our deep subcontractor relationships to shape our price and approach. Our partners are carefully qualified through a stringent onboarding process to make sure they’re aligned for success. Learn more about our subcontractors.

Supplier Diversity

There is a direct correlation between supplier diversity and diversity in thought. The preconstruction experts challenge HITT project teams and our clients to think outside of “the regulars” and bring in small businesses or partners from other markets. Success in today’s market will be defined by approaching challenges in new ways with new partners by our side. Learn more about our DE+I values.

Management Tools

Historical data meets cutting-edge project management tools, complex modeling, and predictive intelligence at HITT. Every project we build uses cloud-based software to keep detailed logs and reporting so we can know exactly what we need before construction starts. Learn more about the tools and technology we embrace.

Virtual Construction

Our robust virtual construction tools give us the ability to see issues before they become problems. HITT’s preconstruction team uses BIM technology to bring your drawings to life in 3D, 4D, and 5D, revealing inaccuracies and detecting clashes long before they become a costly problem. Learn more about virtual construction.


Continue your journey….

The best part of our job is bringing the project vision to fruition. You can expect incredible communication to keep you informed of challenges (and solutions!) as well as construction progress. We’re obsessed with the details and getting the job done safely and exactly right, the first time, every time.