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Construction materials, methods, and practices are always evolving in our industry, and HITT is leading the charge. Here, you’ll find insights detailing our efforts alongside the in-depth reports that analyze trends throughout the construction industry.
Co|Lab Masters Series: Renewable Energy Spotlight – Innovations in Net Zero
New net zero energy targets set by jurisdictions across the United States have put a pressing imperative on the ...
News & Events
Co|Lab Masters Series: Supply Chain Disruptions
The global supply chain has been fraught with challenges over the last two years, causing material shortages, construction delays, ...
How Can We Reuse Drywall?
Drywall is often not reused or recycled because of damage in the demolition process. But if we want to ...
Enhanced Jobsite Presence with Site Robotics
Mobile robotics can be positioned for countless use cases on construction jobsites. Two use cases that HITT is initially focused on involve enhancing communication ...
SOURCE Hydropanel
Sourcing potable water in certain geographical areas or construction scenarios can be a tricky, yet essential, task. Remote locations, ...

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