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Award | Jul 20, 2016

ABC Honors HITT Safety Nationwide

This year, several regional chapters of Associated Builders and Contractors, Inc. (ABC) honored our continued commitment to safety. Headquarters, Atlanta, Charleston, and Denver were all recognized with Safety Training and Evaluation Process (STEP) awards and additional accolades. 

  • Headquarters: The Virginia chapter of ABC awarded HITT a Paragon Award for safety in Commercial and Institutional Building Construction, given in recognition of a continued commitment to safety education and training for companies with over 1.5 million man hours in 2015. 

    HQ also earned a Platinum STEP award. Platinum level winners must have a Total Recordable Incident Rate (TRIR) at least 25 percent below the industry average, an Experience Modification Rating (EMR) below .9, no reportable incidences and strong scores on ABC’s 20 Key Safety Components score card. We hit all of these targets, and came in well below the EMR requirement at .49.
  • Atlanta: ABC Georgia awarded our Atlanta office a Diamond STEP award; Diamond level winners must meet all of the above criteria in addition to having a TRIR at least 50 percent below the industry average.

    Atlanta also received a Georgia Award of Safety Excellence, awarded for having both Days Away Restricted Transfer (DART) and Lost Time (LT) rates equal to less than half of the national average.
  • Charleston: Our Charleston office also received a Diamond STEP award. The ABC Carolinas Chapter recognized our commitment to quality, safety, management, craft training, and community relations.
  • Denver: Continuing the trend, the Denver office received a Platinum STEP award from the Rocky Mountain chapter, meeting the same rigorous standards outlined above.We were also recognized with a Chapter Safety Award in the category of Outstanding Safety Record – General Contractor for employers with fewer than 50 employees.

It goes without saying that safety is essential to our operations. It is an integral part of the construction process, on par with production and quality. Staffed by a full-time Safety Director and jobsite Safety Superintendents, our Safety team promotes a commitment to safety that starts with the principals of the company and is continually reinforced at all levels.

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