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Anniversary Story | Jan 3, 2017

An Intro to 80 Stories

2017 marks 80 years in the business for us and we wanted to capture and share all that we’ve built along the way—the places, the spaces, the relationships, and the memories.  Reflecting on where we are, it’s clear that we didn’t get here by luck. It took passion, hard work, and even a bit of risk.

We see our legacy a bit like a building. As each year passes, our building grows, a few more stories stretch skyward. We’ve gone through reskins and renovations, but our foundation remains the same.

This year we’re peeling back the layers of that legacy and telling 80 different stories, week by week, that built HITT. We’re eager to share this project with you—the people who helped get us off the ground and those who help us continue to grow.

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