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Anniversary Story | Feb 1, 2018

Behind the Experience

Behind every winning HITT proposal, every presentation we ace, and every impactful graphic we create, is one team. They are the crafters of communications, keepers of the brand, and the voice behind our social media channels. They are the HITT Marketing and Communications team.

Twenty women strong, this integrated team works diligently behind the scenes to highlight HITT’s strengths, celebrate our successes, and create awareness of our services across the country. Some have an eye for design, while others have a gift for words. The intersection of the two can produce marketing magic, but their strategy is much deeper than simple copy and pictures.

Early on, the construction industry was wary of the idea of marketing, and HITT was no exception. We felt our construction work product spoke for itself, and while we’d still stake our name on what we build, the company has fully embraced the advantages of a strong Marketing and Communications strategy. They’ve proved that telling our story binds us to the projects we’ve built and leads to deeper connections with our clients.

Under the direction of Vice President Ashley Campbell, the team has grown steadily, not only in size but in ability. “In our industry, marketing has traditionally been limited to proposals and presentations, but I always wanted a chance to be a part of the bigger picture for a great company. The HITT owners are visionaries, not just in building construction, but in building a world-class brand,” she said.

This team knows that our success is built on relationships. They work to create connections for teammates, clients, subcontractors, suppliers, and partners. Their talents and passion are helping to write the next chapter of the HITT brand’s story.

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