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Every Little Detail | Sep 16, 2019

Being a Good Neighbor is our Corporate Responsibility

Our actions must always reflect our desire to be a good corporate neighbor.

Co-Chairman Brett Hitt has said, “At the core of everything we do is a desire to be good corporate citizens.”

To achieve our mission of delivering incredible building experiences, HITT must first be a good corporate citizen. This requires an intentional balance between economic growth, environmental stewardship, an empowered workforce, and community involvement—goals that ensure long-term value for our clients, team members, and partners. Our triple bottom line approach guides our financial, environmental, and social investments. Simply put, we are dedicated to making a positive impact on the communities we work in, and the greater community that is our home planet.

Make HITT count. Our team members are encouraged to spearhead volunteer opportunities in support of causes that aid our local communities and align with our stakeholders’ interests. Last year alone, HITT completed more than 3,500 volunteer hours with organizations such as Shelter House and Habitat for Humanity, and donated to more than 80 charities across the country.

Minimizing our footprint. We are committed to applying sustainable construction practices on our jobsites and in our offices. By leveraging renewable energy sources and intentionally choosing healthy materials on our projects, we can collaborate with clients, partners, and subcontractors to reduce time impact of construction on our plant.

Inspiring the next generation. The building industry continues to face a shortage of skilled labor—currently there are more than 200,000 open construction jobs. Through mentorship programs at local schools and our internship program, HITT invests deeply in developing the future leaders of our company. We believe that providing opportunities for students to learn about the various career paths available in construction is essential to ensuring the future success of the industry.

Our actions must always reflect our desire to be a good corporate neighbor.

Learn more about our Corporate Responsibility program.

Every Little Detail

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