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Every Little Detail | Aug 26, 2019

Being a Good Neighbor

Taking care of every little detail means ensuring HITT and each of our projects are good neighbors in the communities where we build.

Taking care of every little detail means ensuring HITT and each of our projects are good neighbors in the communities where we build. Construction can bring noise, dust and waste, and disruption of normal daily operations. We often build in urban areas and occupied buildings, busy with foot traffic and adjacent tenants hard at work. HITT goes beyond being courteous to ensure the success of everyone impacted by our work. When we build in your neighborhood, you’ll notice us – in a good way!

We carefully plan our hours and activity. Before we ever break ground, we proactively plan our work to minimize disruption. From night hours, weekend hours, and off business hours, to respecting sensitive procedures in active hospitals and important government meetings, we’re considerate of our neighbors and their need to conduct business as usual.

We use our best manners. When HITT comes to work in your neighborhood, we strive to be a polite and courteous guest. We ensure our subcontractors and team members act accordingly – parking in designated locations, speaking with respect to those who live and work nearby, and maintaining clean and organized sites that keep up the appearance of the neighborhood.

We get engaged. HITT joins local community committees and organizations to listen to our neighbors and make personal connections. Our involvement in these forums allows us to discuss the impacts of our work, hear concerns from the community, and share information on the changing conditions of the project site. We are builders, but also citizens of the community where we work.

Communication is key. We use digital newsletters, flyers, and social media sites like Facebook to keep our neighbors in the know. HITT project managers and superintendents inform the community and building tenants when noise or dust may be unavoidable so they can plan accordingly. We often meet weekly with our neighbors to ensure they are informed of our work.

We coordinate closely with other contractors. Our neighbors often include other general contractors and subcontractors – they may be working on adjacent sites or on the same building. We coordinate our schedules so that every project and individual scope of work is successful, for all of the contractors involved.

HITT’s goal is to leave every community we build in better than we found it.


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