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Anniversary Story | Apr 18, 2017

Beyond Green Building

Being a good environmental steward and partner in our community are two important parts of who we are at HITT. We see these commitments as part of our daily operations, and strive to decrease our impact on the environment while increasing our positive community impact.

Our Sustainable Construction and Corporate Responsibility team aims to make a difference in the way we build and do business.

While the team has a dual focus, both missions are closely aligned. “Our team and our company operate under the understanding that corporate success and community well-being are interdependent,” said Associate Lily Terango.

A key aspect of that approach is aligning our efforts with the five pillars of the HITT Corporate Responsibility program launched in 2016: Workforce Wellbeing, Environmental Sustainability, Community Contribution, Innovation & Partnerships, and Governance & Integrity.

“Early in the sustainability movement, our primary focus was green building. When we took a broader look at the work we were doing, we recognized there were many more ways that our company was giving back,” said Director Katie Rothenberg. “That was the impetus behind creating our formal Corporate Responsibility Program—to create a framework to drive strategic initiatives that connect with our team members, community, and planet. That is how HITT can have the broadest impact.”

“While Sustainable Construction fits neatly within the pillar of Environmental Sustainability, it touches the other four as well,” explained Manager Isaiah Walston. “The pillars of this program overlap in such a way that you can’t have one without the others; they affect the business from all angles.”

HITT embraces causes that reflect the passions and interests of our team members and stakeholders. From forging partnerships with charity organizations to embracing new green building standards, we’re fully engaged in building our communities.

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