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Anniversary Story | Mar 3, 2017

Brian Kriz

How does one strike the balance of being detail-oriented while never losing sight of the big picture? Just ask Executive Vice President Brian Kriz, as he seems to have mastered the art. At heart, Brian is focused on his people. He strives to empower his team, building trust at all levels and instilling in them a strong respect not only for the work that they do, but for the superintendents who are instrumental to that success.

Fresh out of Brown University, Brian started his career as a laborer at HITT. He learned about building from the mentors he worked for during his early years in the field, crediting superintendents Dave Underwood, Coleby Cyrtmus, and Red Bowers with developing his passion for site operations. “Our superintendents are the hardest working builders in the industry. Brian’s experience as a laborer instilled a fierce respect for these craftsmen. He knows that they have critical knowledge that most of us in operations need to do our job, and he instills that respect in his team members,” said Vice President Robert Stewart.

Brian has the same regard for his clients, never settling for less than exemplary when it comes to his team’s service. “It’s not about getting it right once or twice,” said Vice President Christian Zazzali. “For Brian, it’s about getting it right, every single time.”

Although he has his fingers on the pulse of both his team and his clients, he is perpetually thinking about how the two intersect. “Brian thinks big picture, and encourages his team members to share that same perspective,” continued Robert. “He doesn’t focus just on the Corporate Offices – Interiors sector or on headquarters—he sees HITT as a whole.”

That global perspective has led to opportunities to serve clients on a national level, delivering the same level of service regardless of location. With HITT’s strategic growth across the country, that vision couldn’t be timelier. Despite all his success, Brian is humble. “This was my first job out of college and I never imagined it would turn into the career I have today,” he said. “I feel incredibly lucky to have landed where I did. The character of the people I work both for and with fit the person that I am.”

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