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Blog | Sep 1, 2021

Bringing Robotics to the Jobsite

HITT explores robots like Hilti’s Jaibot to help team members work more safely and easily

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HITT is committed to bringing meaningful change to the building industry. We are investing heavily in research and development (R&D) to find solutions for many challenges facing our industry. From new materials to software and robotics, we envision a future that looks different from today, and it is our goal to define the field of the future and shape the construction industry of the 21st century. HITT is dedicated to turning this vision into a reality.

This summer, HITT project and R&D team members partnered with Hilti to implement the semi-autonomous robot – Jaibot – on the Washington Area Metro Transit Authority (WMATA) headquarters site in New Carrollton, Maryland. The Jaibot drills ceiling anchors with the direction of the team members on-site, allowing them to do the dangerous elevated work more safely in nearly one-fourth of the time.
HITT is actively working to make projects more efficient and safer for construction workers on the job, implementing advanced ways to streamline construction and revolutionize the industry – including robotics.

“Working on field robotics stems from our leadership’s strategic vision to push the construction industry forward, but also directly from our site operations team’s input,” shared Vice President of Research & Development Megan Lantz. “Our operations team shared their needs, and research and development got to work. We are actively innovating around better data collection and creating solutions designed to support our day-to-day operations teams, enhancing their job experience and protecting our greatest asset — our people.”

Click here to read the full Washington Business Journal article featuring HITT’s exploration of robotics in construction.

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