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Anniversary Story | Apr 27, 2017

Building More Than Workspaces

Workplace culture is critical to the success of an organization and its team members, which is why we strive to create an environment that supports and challenges our team members through camaraderie and collaboration.

Our Corporate Offices – Interiors sector is a great example of that approach, taking work hard, play harder to a new level and putting a big emphasis on building connections within their teams.

“It’s easy to feel fatigued with our volume of projects,” said Jordan McLean, senior project manager. “While the pace takes getting used to, taking time out with teammates to let off steam helps new team members adjust, and allows us to better understand each other.”

These outings and events— including weekends in the Shenandoah mountains, paintball battles, ski trips, and golf challenges—have become a tradition for the sector.

For Jordan and other leaders in the sector, the aim is to build a strong and capable group that is empowered for future opportunities. “The activities are fun, but they serve a greater purpose, too. We get the chance to see our team react in challenging environments outside of construction,” continued Jordan.

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