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HITT sub day greatest hits

Blog | Dec 12, 2022

Celebrating Our Subcontracting Partners

After a brief hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we were thrilled to finally host our annual Subcontractor Appreciation Day celebrations across the country again this year! Our teams organized around a common theme of “Greatest HITTs” as an ode to our most valuable partners – our subcontractors.

Subcontractors are the backbone of our business, and our goal is always to develop lasting relationships with all our subcontractor partners. We pride ourselves in the strong relationships we’ve forged with our subcontractor partners nationwide throughout HITT’s 85 years in business.

“Sub Day is a day all about our subcontractors and our appreciation for their hard work and dedication to HITT. I think it speaks volumes about who we are as a company and what we stand for by us taking the time to dedicate an entire event to our subcontractor partners. We truly appreciate all of their hard work and recognize the impact they’ve had on our success! It’s been a talked about event from the time I started and one that ties in with our company’s rich history,” shared Subcontractor Relationships Senior Associate Jennifer Parker.

During each of the 13 regional celebrations, we also presented two annual awards: the Myrtle L. Hitt Award of Excellence and the Safety Award. The Myrtle L. Hitt Award recognizes a subcontractor who exemplifies The HITT Way by providing quality workmanship, excellent service, and does whatever it takes to get the job done. The Safety Award is given to a subcontractor who has a strong commitment to safety and continuously demonstrates safe work ethics. We gave out 26 of these awards to deserving subcontractors across the country.


  • Myrtle L. Hitt Award: McKenney’s
  • Safety Award: MO Inc.


  • Myrtle L. Hitt Award: Performance Contracting Inc. (PCI)
  • Safety Award: Beckett Electrical Services, LLC


  • Myrtle L. Hitt Award: Southland Group
  • Safety Award: Landmark Construction Company, Inc.


  • Myrtle L. Hitt Award: Brandt Companies LLC
  • Safety Award: Tactical Demolition LLC

Fort Lauderdale:

  • Myrtle L. Hitt Award: Viking Air Mechanical Inc.
  • Safety Award: Hypower – Electrical Construction


  • Myrtle L. Hitt Award: Partners Electrical Services
  • Safety Award: Baker Drywall Houston, LTD

Los Angeles:

  • Myrtle L. Hitt Award: Diamond Drywall System Inc.
  • Safety Award: Control Air Holdings, Inc.

New York:

  • Myrtle L. Hitt Award: Urban Construction Inc.
  • Safety Award: Amptek Electric


  • Myrtle L. Hitt Award: Pyramid Construction Company, Inc.
  • Safety Award: Environamics, Inc.


  • Myrtle L. Hitt Award: Moore’s Electrical & Mechanical Construction
  • Safety Award: The Bell Company

Santa Clara:

  • Myrtle L. Hitt Award: Silicon Valley Mechanical
  • Safety Award: Anning Johnson Company


  • Myrtle L. Hitt Award: T-Bar Construction, Inc.
  • Safety Award: Titan Electric Inc.


  • Myrtle L. Hitt Award: Direct Path Corporation
  • Safety Award: BION, inc

“To me, Sub Day has always been a great time for HITT to thank to all our partners who have helped us achieve the goals we have set out for ourselves. All of our subcontractors work diligently to get us the bids, develop the teams that we need, and complete the jobs on time, which makes all of us successful. It is also a time for all of them to collaborate, meet each other, and network together to expand their own network. It has and will always be a time for everyone to get together and take a moment to celebrate the teamwork and success that we have achieved together,” said Site Operations Vice President JP Gallagher.

Subcontractor Appreciation Day events are a time to unwind and enjoy delicious food and drinks with our clients and partners. We had a blast at our 13 Sub Days across the nation with more than 2,500 subcontracting partners who were able to be there, and look forward to next year!  

To learn more about how to onboard as subcontractor for HITT projects nationwide, visit 

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