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Blog | Mar 28, 2022

Celebrating Women in Construction

March is a month full of celebrations of women and their contributions including International Women’s Day, Women in Construction Week, and Women’s History Month. As the month ends, we’re proud to highlight some of our inspiring women team members at HITT and their thoughts on the construction industry. HITT is dedicated to creating equitable and welcoming workplaces for all, both on and off the jobsite, and while the industry average for female representation in construction is 10 percent, HITT is proud to employ 19 percent female team members, with many women in leadership roles paving the way, such as CEO Kim Roy. While we’re proud of this metric, there is still much work to be done, including encouraging more women to join the construction field. Take a moment to hear from some of our female team members across the country as we continue to recognize the importance of women in construction and work toward increasing the representation of women in the industry.

When asked what she would tell young women considering a career in construction, Senior Project Manager Fiona Coleman with our Base Building team shared, “The construction industry is a rewarding and lucrative profession, especially to females and minorities. The industry is growing fast, and we need women to keep up with the pace. With the emerging field and a growing number of projects, combined with a workforce shortage, construction has increased opportunities for women. Additionally, there are many valuable roles that women can play in construction, not just working with a hammer or concrete. While someone might not think of construction as a popular choice for women, we are making great strides to break down barriers and stereotypes. I personally have a sense of accomplishment and pride when I point out to my kids that ‘I helped build that project.’ We are helping to build the landscape of our communities.”

We asked Assistant Project Manager Corissa Hogan on our Raleigh team what improvements could be made to create a more inclusive industry, and she shares, “I would love to see more high school women exposed to the construction industry as a potential career path. I’m excited to see HITT and other general contractors are attending more high school and college career fairs, as I think that’s a great way to get in front of the next generation of women in construction. It’s so important for women to know that there is a place and need for them in this industry.”

L to R: Senior Project Manager Fiona Coleman, Assistant Project Manager Corissa Hogan, Superintendent Amber Riddle, Assistant Project Manager Mindi Hermit.

As a young, Black woman calling the shots in site operations on jobsites, Superintendent Amber Riddle has been on a road to success and leadership that has not been easy. She says, “The construction industry can be tough, and there were times when I doubted if I was in the right field after letting someone’s ignorant comments get to me. I know the tone is set with me, so I make it clear that my number one rule on jobsites is zero tolerance for disrespect and intolerance.”

Assistant Project Manager Mindi Hermit on HITT’s New York team gave us some closing thoughts, sharing, “While the industry has a long way to go, we’re definitely on the right track as we move towards a more inclusive, diverse, and equitable place. When I first started at HITT, I was welcomed by a diverse team of men and women that encourage me to be my best. I’m inspired by [our New York-area leader] Bernadette Barnette’s energy and knowledge and feel ‘I have a seat at the table and will use it,’ as our CEO Kim Roy recently said.”

We’re grateful to these female team members for sharing their insights.

Learn more about diversity, equity, and inclusion at HITT here.

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