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Anniversary Story | Jun 5, 2017

Dress for Success

From crisp white polos on the jobsite to suits at the office, HITT team members take pride in dressing for the job. It may seem out of character for a construction company to focus on appearance, but it’s a direct reflection of the respect we have for our craft, our clients, and the communities we serve.

We consider dressing sharply to be a reflection of The HITT Way of doing business, which is founded on the highest quality of work and professionalism. Just as our project sites are clean, the signage hung straight and nothing out of place, we strive to give our appearance the same level of attention.

Co-Chairman Jim Millar was encouraged early on in his career to dress for success. “Someone once told me that people want to work with people who look like they care,” he explained. “When you’re selling a service, it’s important to project competence and care to those you’re working for and with.”

As a direct result of that insight, Jim encourages HITT team members to dress their best every day while injecting individuality with their personal sense of style. Dressing for success is just one of the ways we stand out in the crowd, showing respect for our work and the clients we serve.

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