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Anniversary Story | Jan 24, 2018

Drew Mucci

Stepping into a role previously held by Brett Hitt and Jim Millar is nothing short of intimidating—just ask Drew Mucci, who was named co-president of the company alongside Jeremy Bardin in December. Drew is energized by the challenge, and is approaching his new role as he has with every other challenge and opportunity that has come his way.

“I took time to consider the magnitude of this step, both for me professionally and for the company as a whole,” shared Drew. “I wanted to make sure we hit the ground running and that there were no feelings of disconnect during the transition.”

While Drew may not have envisioned himself succeeding Brett and Jim when he came on board in 2002, they saw potential in him since day one. His brand of leadership complimented the company’s approach, focusing first on our clients, while never overlooking the contributions of his team. Consistently a top performer, he boosted the performance of our Law Firms sector and redefined the approach to client service.

Drew’s brief departure from HITT to lead the mid-Atlantic operations of a national competitor gave him the chance to test his abilities in a different setting. That personal and professional growth expanded his focus beyond project completions and sector expansion, broadening his perspective of industry as a whole.

Now as co-president, he provides executive oversight to eight market sectors and three regions, as well as our operations, preconstruction, and project solutions departments. Drew’s goal is to ensure we work seamlessly to exceed client expectations at every phase in the project lifecycle.

“I’m still amazed that I get to get up and do this every day,” continued Drew. “It’s incredibly humbling to think that I went from building projects with a hammer and nails in my backyard as a kid to being part of building an entire company.”

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