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Anniversary Story | Feb 21, 2018

Elevating and Innovating

Throughout our history we’ve focused on smart growth, implementing tools and processes that not only positioned HITT as a leader in the industry, but also provided the framework for us to make big strides. Now we’ve set our sights on finding innovative solutions to construction’s productivity and efficiency challenges, aiming to contribute to the evolution of the building industry.

A critical component of this approach is our initiative to create a collaborative research and development hub. This will allow us to test new technology, mock-up project elements, and explore innovative products and methods. We see this initiative functioning as a gathering place, bringing together ideas from clients, design partners, subcontractors, team members, and the greater community to advance our practices and elevate the business of building.

With robotics, 3D imaging and printing, and modular and prefabrication-based strategies, we already see new tools and technology changing the way we build. Our vision is to help drive the evolution of our industry, improve our means and methods, and never, ever sacrifice the quality of our construction. HITT may be 80 years old, but we’ll never be old fashioned.

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