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Anniversary Story | Jan 6, 2017

Equal and Opposite

Co-Presidents Brett Hitt and Jim Millar

There’s been a succession of strong leaders guiding HITT over the last 80 years. It started with Warren and Myrtle Hitt and continued with their son Russell, who took the reins in 1978. Today, Russell’s son Brett and son-in-law Jim Millar share ownership and oversight of the company as co-chairmen of the Board. For more than a decade prior, the two worked congruently as co-presidents, pushing our growth and expansion nationwide.

Jim joined HITT in 1981; three years later, Brett joined the family business. They both worked hard, investing sweat equity as they rose through the ranks. While they took similar paths to leadership, their talents and interests led to different specialties in running the company.

An affable and gregarious extrovert, Jim is a natural at building relationships. “He has an uncanny way of reading and connecting with people,” said Senior Vice President John Kane. A true people-person, he plays a key role in defining our company culture and client relationships.

In contrast, Brett tends to be more introverted, focused intently on strategy and operations. “Brett is always thinking,” said Kane, who has worked with the pair since he was hired in 1988. “He’s analyzing risk and calculating costs at all times.”

Brett and Jim are two sides of the same coin; though their expertise varies, their passion does not. Both men are wholeheartedly dedicated to the company and to instilling the same drive in their team members.

“I’ve learned quite a lot from them both,” Kane continued. “Those lessons have served me well. From Brett, gratitude for the work I have and a warning to never make the same mistake twice; from Jim, to make people feel welcome and valued. The company wouldn’t be what it is today without their direction.”

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