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Anniversary Story | Apr 11, 2017

First General Counsel

It may be hard to remember, but there was a time in our company’s history when we didn’t need an attorney in-house. However, as we grew in volume and geography, it became clear that HITT had a need for a sharp legal mind on our leadership team.

In 2013, Sheila Sears became HITT’s first general counsel. In contrast to the litigation she tackled in her previous position as a partner at a construction law firm, Sheila’s role here has her functioning as key member of our executive team and an essential advisor to the company.

“When the opportunity arose at HITT to be the first and only lawyer in the company, I jumped at the chance. I wanted to truly advise a company and not just serve as a resource for a single case or lawsuit,” said Sheila. She has certainly accomplished that. In addition to handling all legal matters for the company, Sheila also provides executive oversight of HITT’s Risk Management and Safety departments.

Since coming on board, she’s driven intelligent growth in both departments and expanded her responsibilities.  Under her guidance, we’ve also established a more formal and complete employee handbook and successfully navigated two regional acquisitions in Houston and New York City.  While impressive, these accomplishments barely touch on the impact Sheila has made here at HITT. She is a highly visible leader in the organization and continues to influence the direction of the company. “I consistently strive for positive outcomes for our company,” said Sheila. “That is my ultimate goal, whether it’s for our team members, our projects, or any other matter.”

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