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Anniversary Story | Jun 29, 2017

First Hospitality Project

In 2001, HITT won a key project that expanded our service offerings and helped us make a name for ourselves in the competitive market of hospitality construction. At the time, some may have argued that we weren’t equipped to tackle a job of this magnitude. After all, the project in question was a heavy renovation of the historic, four-star Hay-Adams hotel, and we had only just begun working in hotel building and restorations.

To add to the challenge, the construction schedule for the sensitive renovation required a 24-hour, 7-day-a-week commitment for the entirety of the 16 weeks. Nonetheless, Senior Vice President Peter Lanfranchi, then a senior project manager, was confident HITT was the builder to tackle the job. Assigned to lead the job just 30 days before project kick-off, Peter put together a strong project team and rebuilt the entire construction schedule to ensure success.

Peter and his team’s ambition and bravery more than paid off. They nailed the renovation project, exceeding client expectations and cementing HITT as a viable contender in hospitality construction. Over the next 10 years, we continued to win more work in the hospitality market.

The sector’s official launch came in 2011, when Peter approached Co-Chairman Brett Hitt armed with ample evidence that his team, and the market, were ready for the debut of HITT Hospitality. Now they boast an impressive portfolio of work, tackling projects for top hoteling clients nationwide such as Park Hotels, Hilton Worldwide, LaSalle Hotels, Diamond Rock Hospitality, and Thayer Lodging.

“The Hay-Adams job was a springboard for the Hospitality sector’s success,” said Peter. “It opened the door for so many more opportunities and gave us an impressive platform to demonstrate all that we’re capable of.”

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