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News | Nov 8, 2022

HITT Breaks Ground on National Geographic’s New Headquarters

HITT Contracting is excited to break ground on the National Geographic Society’s reimagined headquarters, Base Camp, in Washington, DC. Construction on this new project alongside JLL and Hickok Cole will include exciting upgrades such as an expanded museum showcasing engaging exhibitions, iconic photography, world-famous artifacts, and an education center that will make National Geographic’s Base Camp a must-do stop in any DC school trip and an integral part of the childhood experience. We’re also renovating their theater with cutting-edge technologies and storytelling tools woven into the architecture alongside a new Explorers Bar & Grill where visitors can connect and share their experience of the center.

We’re proud of the sustainability efforts going into this project including recycling materials from the existing building and installing solar panels that will provide a quarter of the campus’ power.

National Geographic shared, “Base Camp will be a place like none other, where visitors will come to experience stunning imagery and photography, bold storytelling, and learn about the rich discoveries and expeditions of the past, with a watchful eye to the future and protecting our planet.” 

Read more in the Washington Business Journal.

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