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Anniversary Story | Apr 5, 2017


Every crop of new hires at HITT includes at least one Virginia Tech graduate. A quick stroll around our headquarters reveals many offices adorned with various pieces of Hokie paraphernalia. Over the years, the university’s Myers-Lawson School of Construction has provided a steady stream of talent for our company and our industry. With the creation of a brand-new Intelligent Infrastructure and Construction Complex underway, Virginia Tech is positioned as a leader in industry innovation.

To jump-start the University’s investment, the Hitt family donated $9 million to the school to support the construction initiative. Anchored by what will be named Hitt Hall, the complex will include two new buildings and bring together many of the university’s high-tech building programs. The curriculum will expand to include topics such as delivering and managing smart buildings, using adaptable construction materials, and advancing the field through sustainable practices and new technologies.

As the lines between technology, infrastructure, and business continue to blur, the complex aims to bring together engineers, designers, and business majors in collaboration. We, for one, are looking forward to the next generation of talent this program will produce. “It’s humbling to think that some of the world’s future builders are learning the trade in a building named for our family,” said Co-President Brett Hitt.

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