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News | Oct 19, 2017

HITT Inspires Next Generation of Builders at the National Building Museum

The National Building Museum hosted their Big Build event on Saturday, October 14. This year, the annual event attracted a record-setting number of families who brought their children to experience the world of construction through hands-on play. Over 30 organizations from across the industry were there, sharing creative ways for kids to explore what it means to be a builder.

“We wanted to be a part of this event for a number of reasons,” shared Vice President Evan Antonides, whose team worked alongside our Corporate Responsibility group to spearhead our involvement. “The primary one, though, was to foster an interest in our industry among the youngest in our community. As a father and a builder, I couldn’t think of a better objective.”

At our exhibit, we invited children to Stack HITT Up, using drawings and designs to create structures with cardboard building blocks. Throughout the day we saw all sorts of successes, watching as kids worked together to build their masterpieces—there was one child in particular, though, who captured our attention.

Elijah, an elementary-age DC resident, emerged as our Future Builder of the Day. As other children came and went from our station, Elijah remained focused on building his structures. His parents laughed as he refused to leave our table; try as they might to keep him moving and explore different areas of the event, Elijah wanted to stay put.

A skilled young builder, we were impressed with his determination and inspired by his interest. He even took his souvenir HITT toy truck to show and share on Monday, telling his classmates at The Goddard School all about the great time he had visiting the HITT exhibit.

Seeing Elijah, our Future Builder of the Day, and the other children in attendance learn and explore the world we work in was incredibly rewarding. We strive to encourage future generations of construction professionals, and it is our hope that we sparked that interest for some of the youngest minds this weekend. They certainly made an impact on us.

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