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Anniversary Story | Jan 22, 2018

HITT University

HITT has a reputation for leading the construction industry in education and career development. Long before any official programming launched in 2003, there was an employee-led grass-roots movement to provide training and development necessary for career growth. Informal classes were held to help others sharpen their skills and improve their strengths.

This passion for career development gave rise to HITT Institute, which has provided our team members safety, professional, technical, leadership, and other critical training courses over the past 14 years. Key to the success of the program is a customized roadmap approach, outlining the courses essential to each team member’s success.

As we look to the future, we are redefining and elevating this training and development experience with the launch of HITT University. The enhanced program strives to pick up where the roadmap leaves off, with additional course offerings and new online trainings that encourage team members to continue their learning beyond requisite courses.

We’re proud that as our company evolves, so too does our approach to career development. HITT team members are our greatest asset, and our investment in their careers is crucial to the success of the company.

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