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Anniversary Story | Jan 19, 2017

Humble Roots

The Evolution of Our Offices

Today we have nine offices across the country and have delivered projects in 46 states. But we’re just getting started; we intend to continue our national growth. To say we’ve come a long way is an understatement.

Founders Warren and Myrtle Hitt established and ran the W.A. Hitt Decorating Co. in their two-bedroom home in Arlington, Va. We evolved in name and location from there, becoming HITT Decorating-Contracting Co., Inc in 1948 and opening our first office space at 1400 Wilson Boulevard. It took some more moves (and a couple of edits to the name) before we landed where we are now, though. From Wilson Boulevard, HITT moved a few blocks west to set up shop at 921 North Quincy Street.

In 1993, we moved beyond the borders of Arlington County, creating our first headquarters at Dorr Avenue in neighboring Fairfax. As the company grew, we exceeded the limits of the Dorr Avenue space, and in 2006 built the space we now call home. While our corporate headquarters are at 2900 Fairview Park Drive in Falls Church, Va., you’ll find the same spirit, integrity, and skill anywhere you see the HITT name on the door.

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