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Anniversary Story | Nov 30, 2017

Jeremy Bardin

When Co-President Jeremy Bardin came on board in 2003, our base building practice was in its infancy. As a senior project manager, he found a passion in delivering ground-up construction and wanted to make a name for HITT as a base builder in the DC market. That drive and tenacity accelerated Jeremy’s career and helped to establish our company as a provider in full-service commercial building nationwide.

Now as co-president, Jeremy is focused on national expansion. Leading our regional offices, he aims to raise the bar even higher for client experience and company capabilities across the country.

In his career, Jeremy has built more than just a few notable additions to the skyline. He’s hired and developed many of our rising leaders, mentoring them as they come up in the company. “Anyone is willing to put in the work if they understand the reward,” explained Jeremy. “It’s my responsibility as a leader to do exactly that—communicate the direction the company is going, the mission behind our work, and the outcomes we seek.”

Beyond the impact he’s had on talent development, Jeremy considers his greatest obligation to be selecting the right projects to responsibly support the company’s evolution. As HITT expands across the country, his guidance and expertise help ensure a people-first approach for strategic and sustainable growth.

“We’ve built this company into something both significant and impressive,” said Jeremy. “We did it the right way—by developing lasting relationships with clients and fostering a high energy and rewarding workplace—and that’s what I’m most proud of.”

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