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Anniversary Story | Jul 17, 2017

Making Waves in South Florida

More than a decade ago, HITT expanded into South Florida, sparked by a complex, two-year project at the Miami International Airport. Through sweat equity and entrepreneurship, we won additional projects in Miami and Fort Lauderdale with established national clients and newly-formed relationships as well. Though we were gaining traction in the marketplace, we hadn’t yet set down roots.

As our client list grew, it became clear that we needed to establish a permanent office. “We worked out of a trailer on wheels at the Miami Airport,” recalled Senior Vice President Gary Tvrdik. “We were building a business, but all we had was a P.O. box; I knew we needed to settle in for the future and make a home in South Florida.”

Today, our office in Miramar still partners with many of those first clients that enabled our expansion into the region. As we continue to build in South Florida and contribute to the local community, we’re eager to create even more connections.

“This area is an amazing place to live and work. We have a strong team of focused professionals in this office that dedicate themselves to building the best spaces for our clients,” said Vice President Brian Kilpatrick, who leads the South Florida office.

Like so many of our most successful offices, what started out small has grown into a competitive, thriving business, delivering top quality projects to valued clients.

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