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Anniversary Story | Feb 23, 2017

National Growth

Serving Clients Coast to Coast

Truthfully our eye hasn’t always been on national expansion. It’s not that we lacked the ambition; rather we were plenty busy winning business and building quality projects for clients close by. That focus ended up driving our growth. As we built relationships with clients in one market, we found them requesting similar work in another. One of these first clients was Nextel Communications, Inc.

“In hindsight, they were probably the nexus of our national growth,” shared Gary Tvrdik, senior vice president of national business development. “Nextel wanted consistent quality nationwide and we knew we could replicate what we’d done for them anywhere they needed us to be.”

“There’s been a culture shift as we pursue more national work,” said Megan Lantz, director of corporate business development. “Gary, Steve [Richbourg] and I encourage our team members to think more broadly about client needs across the country, not just the immediate project they’re on.”

“That’s exactly how we’re strengthening our approach,” agreed Steve Richbourg, executive vice president. “It’s because our people thought about the bigger picture and provided the best possible service to the clients that we were able to grow relationships from a single project to multiple awards.”

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