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Anniversary Story | May 9, 2017

Network Defenders

While our team members may not be working 24/7/365, our network certainly is. HITT has grown into a billion-dollar organization with clients and team members from coast to coast, and ensuring our information is accessible and protected at all times is critical.

That’s no small task, but our IT team is up to the challenge. Under the direction of John Barrett, vice president of information technology, the team responds to service requests, provides training, and keeps our technology systems running seamlessly.

One of the team’s recent innovations is IT Shark Week, a week-long educational program aimed at helping team members use the tools and technologies available, including AV systems, construction-specific software, and cyber security. All of the content is created in-house, and is injected with the team’s signature brand of humor. As a result of the program, we’ve seen a dramatic drop in ransomware and viruses, stronger passwords across the company, and more self-reliance from team members.

Aside from keeping us functioning, IT strives to unify information technology across our offices. With each new office opened, the team tackles integrations across multiple platforms, ensuring a consistent employee experience. “We’re a close group,” said John. “We care about what we do, but we also have fun doing it.”

A great sense of humor, strong bonds, and a shared focus on internal clients makes this team some of the most in-demand folks at HITT. They keep us informed, protected, and entertained.

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