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Anniversary Story | Jan 30, 2018

Paul Zimmerman

Twelve years ago, Senior Project Manager Paul Zimmerman made a leap of faith by accepting a job at HITT headquarters nearly 1,500 miles from his home in Houston. While that may have been the first risk Paul took in his career at HITT, it wouldn’t be the last.

Paul, a natural fit for the company, found immediate success as a member of the Base Building sector before moving on to join our Government team. Eight years in, he had an urge to return to Texas, though. “I always knew I wanted to go back,” admitted Paul.

In a lucky coincidence, Paul’s desire to return home coincided with HITT’s expansion into the Houston market. Without knowing of the company’s plans to expand into the Lone Star State, Paul shared his plans to move back to his hometown with the leaders, setting a series of changes in motion. As the acquisition of Houston-based Trademark Construction progressed, a role for Paul began to emerge.

He was asked to move to Houston to help lead the integration of Trademark into the HITT organization. This was a new challenge; rather than building projects, Paul needed to help navigate the construction of our organization. “This role was completely different,” he explained. “It helped me learn who we are as a company, and who Trademark is as well. Figuring out how to bring the two together has been a fulfilling challenge.”

“Just as others did for me, my goal as a leader at HITT is to find the next in line—to identify the people who are looking to grow, who are chasing the next challenge, and who don’t stray away from the effort it takes to achieve those goals,” said Paul. “The things we’re doing as we expand across the country are exciting, and the potential for growth that has come as a result is incredible. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.”

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