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Anniversary Story | Mar 27, 2017

Promoting From Within

Promoting from within our own ranks is a core tenet of the professional development program at HITT. We know our people are our most valuable asset, and we ensure forward mobility for our talented team members by providing clear career paths and growth opportunities. To that end, we’ve implemented programs and processes to help our people evolve in their careers.

The HITT Futures program helps new college graduates gain the hands-on experience needed to develop and nurture their construction careers. Through HITT University, our team members have access to continuing education, providing opportunities to increase their knowledge and further develop their expertise. Additionally, our Corporate Leadership Council functions exclusively to provide leadership development for future executives.

Growth doesn’t just come from organized programs like these. We see mentorships evolve naturally and responsibilities expand as skills are mastered. The people who work here are doers; they’re thirsty for knowledge and eager to tackle a challenge. Our goal is to recognize and reward that tenacity and hard work.

“I’m grateful to work for HITT; I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else,” said Pedro Cruz, who was promoted from assistant superintendent to superintendent in 2016. “I started at HITT as a laborer with very little construction knowledge. Over the years, I’ve had great mentors that have helped me grow professionally and personally.”

We look for future talent among our current employees, elevating them to the next step in their career and positioning them as leaders in the company. No matter where they start, we want them to see a career for themselves at HITT—from owners to laborers, this approach is visible at all levels of our organization.

“This company rewards hard workers with opportunities,” said Senior Project Manager Eric Masciantonio. “I’ve always taken those that come my way.” A product of the HITT Futures program, Eric was most recently promoted from project manager to senior project manager.  “I see potential for leadership and growth in my own team members, the same way my managers identified that potential in me.”

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