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Blog | May 6, 2019

Safety Week 2019—Take a Moment

I have a peanut allergy and now my two young daughters live with the same condition. This allergy presents a clear danger to our health and requires that my wife and I take extra precautions, even in daily life where others might not see risks. Whether at a neighbor’s house for dinner or eating out a restaurant, we always have to ask, “Does this food contain nuts?” It often feels uncool for my kids and even for me in professional settings, but taking this minor step helps prevent life-threatening situations for my family. 

In my construction job, I’m frustrated to see accidents that could have been prevented by taking a moment to simply ask, “Is this the right way to perform this task?” Whether a first-year apprentice or a 40-year construction veteran, I’ve seen people make split-second decisions to forgo precautions that ultimately put themselves and their team in harm’s way.  

It is our responsibility as construction leaders to instill a culture of safety that demands our workforce never cuts corners for the sake of convenience. Remember that overlooking a single, unsafe act – no matter how small – compromises your entire attitude towards the value of your team members’ lives.  

I challenge you to hold each other responsible for pausing to ask, “Is this the right way to perform this task?” so that we can return home to the people that matter most to us each night.

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