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Blog | Jun 27, 2023

Showing Appreciation for Subcontractor Partners Nationwide

Summertime at HITT means it’s time to celebrate with our subcontracting partners! HITT’s annual Subcontractor Appreciation Days are highly anticipated celebrations across the country to honor our subcontracting partners from electricians to drywall experts and the work we build together all year long! Every office takes part in hosting a local annual event to honor our most invaluable partners – our subcontractors.

Building lasting relationships with our partners is something that we prioritize. Without our subcontractors, our general contracting business would not be what it is today. We take pride in the meaningful relationships and trust that we’ve built with all our trade partners from coast to coast.

“Subcontractor Appreciation Day is one of HITT’s most talked about events. It’s a day where we can show our gratitude and celebrate the subcontractor partners who have helped us succeed. Not only do we get to recognize and appreciate our subs, but we also get to network and meet with those we work with in person and off the jobsite. I genuinely love being part of a company that takes the time to show appreciation and recognize the hard work of all those involved in the success of the company. It speaks volumes to the culture and leadership team here,” shared Senior Subcontractor Relations Associate Jennifer Parker.

Each of our regional celebrations include an award ceremony where subcontractors who go above and beyond are presented with two annual awards: the Myrtle L. Hitt Award of Excellence and the Safety Award. The Myrtle L. Hitt Award recognizes a subcontractor who embodies The HITT Way by providing exceptional craftsmanship, outstanding service, and the drive to do whatever it takes to get the job done. The safety award represents a subcontractor who always demonstrates safe work ethics and has a passion for safety. Twenty-six of these awards were given out to exemplary subcontractors nationwide:


  • Myrtle L. Hitt Award: ONSITE Woodwork Corporation
  • Safety Award: Excel Electrical Technologies, Inc.


  • Myrtle L. Hitt Award: Alterman
  • Safety Award: Marek Brothers


  • Myrtle L. Hitt Award: Cullum Constructors, Inc.
  • Safety Award: Allison-Smith Company


  • Myrtle L. Hitt Award: Walker Engineering
  • Safety Award: Morley Moss

Fort Lauderdale:

  • Myrtle L. Hitt Award: Resource 4 Floors
  • Safety Award: All Around Fire Protection


  • Myrtle L. Hitt Award: National Terrazzo Tile & Marble
  • Safety Award: E3 Electric

Los Angeles:

  • Myrtle L. Hitt Award: Seeley Brothers
  • Safety Award: Jordan Drywall, Inc.

New York:

  • Myrtle L. Hitt Award: Thistle Interiors
  • Safety Award: Linear Contracting, Inc.


  • Myrtle L. Hitt Award: Code Electric
  • Safety Award: SE&M Constructors


  • Myrtle L. Hitt Award: ColonialWebb
  • Safety Award: SteelFab, Inc.

San Francisco / Santa Clara:

  • Myrtle L. Hitt Award: Mission Bell
  • Safety Award: Venegas Company, Inc.


  • Myrtle L. Hitt Award: Cochran, Inc.
  • Safety Award: Goldfinch Brothers

Washington, DC:

  • Myrtle L. Hitt Award: Pro-Air, Inc.
  • Safety Award: Baker Concrete

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