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Anniversary Story | May 16, 2017

Subcontractor Relationships

Traditions help define who we are and how we do business—particularly when it comes to relationships with our subcontractors. Since our founding, we’ve recognized that the subcontractor and supplier communities are critical to delivering quality projects for our clients. These dedicated craftsmen are the backbone of the construction industry; we value their talent and knowledge, and have a deep respect for the relationships we’ve forged.

Key to maintaining and growing these important connections is our dedicated Subcontractor Relationships team. Manager Kaitlyn Duffy and Associate Taylor Tompkins craft outreach, establish new partnerships, and provide guidance on doing business with HITT. “In today’s digital world, we see the importance of face-to-face interaction,” said Kaitlyn. “Our open door policy helps us bridge that divide.”

“We invite all of our subcontractors to take advantage of the accessibility,” added Taylor. “We’re here to help—to introduce subcontractors to our operations teams, show opportunities on our electronic Bid Board, and generally share HITT’s culture.”

The team strives to recognize our subcontractors and suppliers for their dedication and performance. Our annual Subcontractor Appreciation Day—or Sub Day as it is fondly known—is a big part of that tradition. With HITT team members manning the grills, Sub Day gives our partners the chance to kick back with a beverage and some barbecue as we cater to them for the afternoon.

These hard working men and women deserve a day in their honor, and it’s our privilege to deliver. We thank all of our subcontractor partners for sharing in our journey, and encourage them to stop by anytime—after all, our door is always open.

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