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Anniversary Story | Jan 5, 2017

The Founders

Warren & Myrtle Hitt

There were no conference rooms, no desks, and no offices when HITT was formed in 1937. Founders Warren and Myrtle Hitt ran the fledgling residential paint and decorating business from the dining room table of their Arlington, Va. home, struggling at times to build the company as WWII raged. For them, self-employment and self-reliance were a way of life and a source of pride, a mindset they would pass on to their son and only child, Chairman Emeritus Russell Hitt.

W.A. HITT Decorating Co. had just six employees to start. In 2017, the company surpassed 1,000 team members working nationwide. The company’s first project was an enclosed porch at a private home in Falls Church, Va.  Seventy-six years later, HITT’s 180,000-square-foot headquarters was built in the same town.

In our eight decades, we’ve seen many more milestones like these, each one serving as a reminder of where we came from and an indication of where we’re going. Even today, the names of our founders are familiar to those who work here; the values that Warren and Myrtle founded this company with are still very much a part of who we are at 80.

“We  may have given up the residential remodeling business and outgrown the dining room office, but we’ll never give up on the values and vision we were founded with,” said Co-Chairman and third-generation owner Brett Hitt.

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