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Anniversary Story | Jul 11, 2017

The HITT Way is the Safe Way

Safety impacts the contracting world in every imaginable way. It defines the way we run our jobsites, outfit our team members, and perform our work. Our approach ensures we make the right calls in tough situations, and do our best to prevent them as well.

Our Safety Department provides training and education for all our team members. “We take every action possible to limit the potential for accidents on our jobsites,” explained Mike McCaffrey, vice president of safety. “We make sure every one of our team members is empowered on HITT jobsites. After proper training, each team member has the responsibility to stop incidents before they occur.”

“We continually reinforce the basics on site,” added Safety Superintendent Jimmy Jackson. “With each phase of a project we complete, we evaluate where we are and what we need to do to ensure safety every step of the way.” As our safety program keeps pace with the company’s growth, we continue to match and exceed OSHA expectations. With a focus on minimizing risks for everyone who comes into contact with our work, we’ve made it a priority to go above and beyond the Federal requirements.

As a direct result, we’ve seen our Experience Modification Rate (EMR)—a common indication of safety for general contractors—drop consistently over the years. “The industry is starting to recognize that safety goes far beyond the realm of simple compliance,” said Mike. “I’m proud to say that HITT is at the forefront of that movement; my goal is to continue to develop a culture of safety that ensures we remain there.”

Site Operations Vice President Chris Michael summed things up this way: “At the end of the day, each of us wants our teams to realize that it doesn’t matter how small a risk is, it’s always too risky when it comes to your life.”

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