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Anniversary Story | Feb 5, 2017

True Grit. True HITT.

Building is in Our Blood

It takes the right kind of person to work in the field; admittedly, not everyone is cut out for the job. Those who are possess a unique set of qualities, a combination of perseverance, determination and motivation. At HITT we call those qualities grit—and there’s no doubt that the men and women on our Site Operations team have it.

For them, work doesn’t come in predictable nine-to-five chunks. Their day begins with the sunrise and ends when the work is put in place. Their workspaces are constantly changing: a trailer, a HITT truck, an unfinished floor of an office building.

They don’t wear a suit and tie; their uniform is a hard hat and a safety vest and it commands respect. After all, there’s nothing casual about their job. This work is the business of steel toe boots, safety stand downs, and tough decisions.

They are our HITT superintendents, and they are builders through and through. They are planners, managers, fixers, carpenters, problem solvers, and leaders. They are the heart of the construction project, and their passion is passed through families, mentors, and teams. When there are problems to solve and tough calls to make, these are the people you want in charge.

They’ve earned the respect of their team and subcontractors, and the trust of our clients. Sure, they’ve built countless buildings and spaces, but they’ve built something bigger than that, too. They’ve built a legacy.

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