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Anniversary Story | Jun 22, 2017

Virtual Construction

HITT’s Virtual Construction team is continually testing out new technology and finding ways to improve processes and outcomes for projects across multiple sectors.

“Our goal is to visually communicate construction challenges before they happen, helping to resolve issues ahead of time virtually,” explained David Stone, Director. “The digital tools we use help us to better communicate with our clients and partners, increasing the certainty of our schedule.”

The team delivers optimum solutions before others even know they’re needed. As a result, we’ve seen a year-over-year increase in win-rates for projects that engage his team’s services. In 2016, the team achieved a 100% win-rate for corporate interiors pursuits that engaged Virtual Construction, and a 50% overall win-rate across project types.

The team is well on their way to making virtual construction indispensable for all of our projects, identifying new opportunities and applications to add value.

“There is no way to predict where technology will take us,” David continued. “Whatever the next frontier may be—robotics, exoskeletons—we’re passionate about finding the best solutions for our needs.”

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