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Anniversary Story | Dec 28, 2017

Warehouse Warriors

“I’ve done everything I’ve been called on to do,” Montrose Jackson shared proudly. With five decades of service under his belt, it’s clear this is no exaggeration. Seated around him are several team members who share a similar story, whose years with the company have seen more than a few shifts in responsibility.

Between them, the members of our Warehouse and Facilities team have touched nearly every facet of the building business. Their institutional knowledge rivals even that of our chairmen; after all many of them have worked alongside all three generations of HITT owners.

From Dwight Johnson, who has remained steady in the role of dump truck driver since 1988, to Anne Wilks, whose journey has taken her from our long-gone word processing department to facilities management, their responsibilities differ greatly, but their level of dedication and loyalty are the same.

It’s clear from the gentle ribbing that goes on among them that this is a crowd that trusts one another, and that knows one another incredibly well. Those relationships have helped them transition through the phases of their careers and find success in each new role they tackle.

The responsibilities shouldered by this team are critical to the daily operations of HITT – they literally keep us running. Among their many duties, this team stocks, cleans, and distributes tools and materials; sets up and takes down event arrangements; manages deliveries; hauls trash; and maintains the 180,000-sf headquarters building in Falls Church.

They’ve seen us through several office moves and numerous technology upgrades, helping to facilitate those changes and remaining loyal to HITT as we’ve expanded. For their dedicated and loyal service, we thank you—Dan Clark, Montrose Jackson, Rene Fiallo, Buck Trigger, Anne Wilks, Dwight Johnson, Alfredo Chavarria, Mike Koechlin and Heber Rivera—for all you’ve done and for all you do.

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