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Anniversary Story | Apr 3, 2017

Westward Expansion

HITT California

Nearly 3,000 miles stand between our headquarters and our new office in San Jose, Calif. However, it was a much shorter drive that got the idea for our West Coast office rolling.

Senior Vice President John Kane started as an assistant project manager with HITT back in 1987, working on projects that ran the gamut from aviation and law to healthcare and corporate interiors. During the dotcom boom of the early 1990s, he hit his stride, initiating HITT’s entry into the mission critical industry. Unfortunately when the dotcom bubble burst, John diversified his focus, but data centers were never far from mind.

In early 2006, the mission critical industry was thriving once again, and John jumped at the chance to lead our Technology sector. “Our big break was the award of the first building at the $224.5 million Network Access Point (NAP) of the National Capitol Region in Culpeper, VA. That job put us on the map,” said John.

HITT’s Technology sector took off, delivering mission critical work for clients coast to coast. While working in Silicon Valley on a follow-up job to the Culpeper NAP project, John found a bit of inspiration on the drive from San Francisco International Airport to the jobsite in Santa Clara. “As I drove, I saw the names of our clients on the buildings I passed. It was like [Northern Virginia’s] Dulles Toll Road on steroids,” he joked, referring to the roadway that connects Washington, D.C. to the area’s technology hub in the outer suburbs of Ashburn, Va. From there, the idea for a West Coast office started to take shape.

With John and Senior Project Manager Chris Plass at the helm, what was once a spark of inspiration on an afternoon drive is now reality. Focusing on corporate interiors and mission critical work, the team aims to deliver the same quality we’re known for on the West Coast.

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