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Steve Fisher HITT SUB DAY

Blog | Nov 10, 2022

What a 44-Year Team Member Learned from HITT

What keeps someone at a company for 44 years? According to Director of Legal & Risk Management Steve Fisher, it’s all about treating your team members with respect, kindness, and providing opportunity for growth. Steve started at HITT as his first full-time job out of college in 1978(!) and has been with the company ever since.

Steve shared, “Back then, HITT was only a company of about 25 people including field and office team members, so I feel privileged to have watched a small family company grow into the multibillion-dollar company it is today. HITT is an American success story, and I am proud to have been a part of it. In my role today, I deal mainly with large contract reviews, and risk mitigation guidance to operations based on my knowledge and experience at HITT. Some people like to build things, well I like helping people build things. I feel like I’m part of every project’s success.”

We asked Steve what’s changed at HITT in four decades and what hasn’t, and he said, “Other than having to do everything manually because there were no computers, cell phones or fax machines, back in the early 80s we were a pretty small fish in a big pond trying to open doors to larger and different type projects. Fast forward to now, and I’m proud to say we are a top nationally-ranked general contractor with a solid foundation poised for future success.. Regardless of status, one thing has always stayed the same: The HITT family philosophy of acting with integrity and caring for our employees, partners, and clients.”

Although the times have changed since Steve first started his career, his advice to professionals just getting their start still rings true, “You have to put in the time and effort and gain the aptitude. There are so many tools available now to those who are just beginning their career—make sure you take advantage of all of it!”

HITT Vice President of Legal and Risk Management Tim Whitney shared, “I have the highest respect for Steve, both personally and professionally. Steve is ‘Mr. Dependable’ – you can always rely on him to get the job done well, whatever the task at hand. He’s proactive and always willing to help. I’ve learned a lot by working with Steve, including the need to keep up with the speed of the business and the necessity to get a problem project done promptly, even when circumstances may justify an alternative course. Steve truly epitomizes our core value of taking the high road in that he consistently treats fellow coworkers, clients, subcontractors, and outside partners fairly and with respect, even when his cherished West Virginia Mountaineers lose a football or basketball game to the Hokies – which is saying a lot!”

After a long and accomplished run, Steve is hanging up his hard hat and is ready to enjoy a well-deserved retirement. Thank you, Steve, for your unwavering commitment to the HITT Way and your loyalty over the past 40+ years.

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