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Anniversary Story | Mar 8, 2017

Women in Construction

Leading Ladies

We’re grateful for the contributions of women across the industry each and every day. They take charge, lead teams, influence change, and advance the field of construction from all angles.

At HITT, women are in positions of leadership across the organization, lending their skills in both operations and corporate resources. They offer their time and talents for organizations and associations outside of the office as well—building not only our company, but also our industry and the communities that surround us.

Superintendent Karlee Loftus has always had an interest in building things. “It started with Legos and tree forts when I was a kid, followed by barns and chicken coops on the family farm when I was a bit older.” Karlee credits her parents’ work in the automotive industry for sparking her interest in science and engineering as well. All of that came together for her professionally, setting her up for success in the field.

Relationships played a big role in our Director of Corporate Business Development Megan Lantz’s career as well. Megan never envisioned herself working in the industry, but more than a decade later, she couldn’t imagine being anywhere but in construction. “I’ve been blessed with incredible mentors across the industry; those women encouraged me to pursue my career and taught me that I am capable of doing whatever I put my mind to.”

Our Controller Thu Hoang’s tenure at HITT has provided her with opportunities to innovate our accounting systems and develop an incredibly capable team. “My career began in real estate financials, but I’m so glad I landed at HITT twelve years ago. As a company, we’re forward thinking; we’re growing and looking for people who are looking to grow as well.”

While some team mates chose construction from the start, and others found themselves here by happy accident, Director of Risk Management and Insurance Donnette Washington prefers to say that construction chose her. “I didn’t start out in this industry, but this has been the most stimulating, gratifying, rewarding job I have ever had,” said Donnette. “When a team members comes to me to tell me that they understand the importance of insurance in our work—that they ‘get it’—that’s the most rewarding moment.”

Our General Counsel’s role puts her in two demanding fields: law and construction. Sheila Sears gets both the business-side and the building-side of construction. “I love the challenge and opportunity to drive solutions that align with the motivations and values of all our stakeholders—project teams, clients, and subcontractors.  I could not do my job successfully without understanding what is important for each group,” said Sheila. “I am encouraged to see so many women start and stay in the industry, and especially to see them continue to rise up the ranks.”

If there was a common thread among the women here at HITT, it’s a shared interest in proactive problem solving, and continued growth and learning. Whether in the field or at corporate headquarters, the work they do is driving us to evolve as a business—better serving both our clients and team members.

The community of women in construction is full of strong minds and capable hands. These strong leaders play a critical part in the HITT story and the future of our industry.

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