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Anniversary Story | Feb 27, 2017

Work Hard. Play Harder.

Ask us to sum up our company culture and you’ll undoubtedly hear “work hard, play harder.” It may sound cliché, but it’s entirely accurate. The people on our team are cut from a certain cloth. Beyond dedicated, they’re driven, intelligent, innovative, and reliable. These folks have the “work hard” piece down to an art.

With the amount of time we spend together, friendships naturally form and strong bonds are made, leading to the “play hard” part of the equation.

Our team outings, weekly happy hours, and annual traditions like our chili cook-off and family picnic, make for a pretty active social calendar here at HITT. There are also the special events like our annual Subcontractor Appreciation Day, a full-on celebration recognizing our subcontractors for their dedicated partnership.

We like to think that we strike the right balance of upholding our professional standards while knowing how to have fun both in and out of the office.

Beyond our corporate events, you’re bound to see us out on the golf course, catching a game, or just kicking back together in our downtime. Stop in any day for lunch or happy hour at our local watering hole Open Road, and you’re sure to find many groups of HITT folks enjoying a meal (or maybe a beer) together.

Our people genuinely enjoy each other’s company—for that we feel pretty lucky. It’s even more fortunate that we feel that way about our clients and subcontractors, too.

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