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News | Sep 20, 2016

Working Together to Make a Wish Come True

Led by Senior Vice President Peter Thaler, a group of HITT team members recently completed a very special project for a very special Client. That client was a young lady from Make-A-Wish® Mid-Atlantic who suffered from a heart defect that required multiple surgeries and an eventual heart transplant.

Before receiving the transplant, she sat sidelined for so many of the activities and adventures her sisters, brother, and peers enjoyed.

Now that she’s recovered from the transplant, she’s able to run and play with friends and family. Which is why her wish was for an extra-special playroom—something straight out of a fairy tale and fit for a princess.

With help from HYL Architecture, Peter and the team played the role of fairy godparents, creating an indoor playspace where this little girl could run and play just like other boys and girls her age.

The team met with her and her family to plan and design the space exactly to her specifications, and came together a few months later to build and create her magical play place in the family’s basement.

While the work they did wasn’t too different than what they tackle on a daily basis, this particular job offered the team a chance to get a little more creative and put their imaginations to the test.

The final product was enchanting, featuring a swing and slide, as well as a magical tree and a beautiful mural surrounding it all.

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