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John Cole Construction

| Feb 12, 2021

Co|Lab Masters Series: Prefabrication & Industrialized Construction

As industrialized workflows gain traction, companies must seek to understand the nuances and implications of moving workflows off-site. In February’s Co|Lab Masters Series, we explored prefabrication and break down what it is, how it works, and what the benefits are to the bottom line across building types with HITT Contracting Co-President Drew Mucci and Autodesk’s Head of Industrialized Construction Strategy, Amy Marks.

The discussion centered around how to:

  • Define the spectrum available for prefabricated workflows in project design and delivery for various building types and/or sectors.
  • Understand how industrialized workflows can streamline labor and material costs, providing more project certainty.
  • Define the industry hurdles and potential paths to mitigate them – such as transportation and logistics, traditional scope and bidding, and 3D-coordination requirements.
  • Understand strategies such as designing for manufacturing and assembly, and other approaches to streamline prefabricated workflows.
  • Explore the future trajectory of prefabrication and the implications to scope, schedule, and project design.

Watch the presentation below.

YouTube video


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