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| Jun 16, 2021

Halio Electrochromatic Glass

In 2019, we incorporated SageGlass into a mock-up project. In 2020, we have looked into another electrochromic glass company, Halio. Electrochromic glass automatically tints based on brightness, removing the need for interior window shades or blinds. However, Halio takes a different approach from other electrochromic technologies. Instead of manufacturing their own insulated glass unit (IGU), they focus on their technology, the paper-thin layer installed inside of an IGU, partnering with existing glaziers. Because the technology is spread across the face of the glass rather than stemming from the frame, it tints a window in under three minutes, adjusting tint levels automatically based on the level of sunlight and connecting to the building management system (BMS). Though there are many hurdles to solve with integrating and commissioning the vast number of in-building technologies in intelligent buildings, we are looking for ways to minimize this process while providing value to the building owner and operator.








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